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Extremely popular card game featuring traditional Asian artwork. The most popular card game in Vietnam, Tien Len, is now finally available to the broader audience here in the US. Tien Len, which literally translates to "go foward", tests a player's ability in their creative usage of 13 random cards to defeat their opponents. Aside from the mentally stimulating exercise in creativity, the game also offers visually stunning graphics that beckons and pays homage to the Asian heritage of the game. AWE INSPIRING ARTWORK. Take a Journey to the West with the Monkey King, the Monk and their companions. The traditional style of Asian calligraphy and brush work brings the characters to life as you vanquish your foes. PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Invite and defeat your friends from Facebook. With our matchmaking and invite connection from facebook, you are never far from collecting your bragging rights as the king of Tien Len. CUSTOMIZABLE ICONS AND AVATARS. Want to be a fighting monk or a laid-back monkey? Now you can. We offer vastly customizable icons and avatars through our shop. You can either collect different wares as you level up, or make a small donation to the MDP team and get your own unique avatar immediately. Free to play. In-app transactions and purchases. Challenging AI that will test your limits. Relive your high school lunch time playing Tien Len with your friends. Chat room to make new friends and brag to your old ones.
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