Twenty Down

The card game Twenty Down is played with a double set of french cards. Each player starts a game with 20 points and it ends as soon as one player has reached or even undercut 0 points. Thereby, every trick counts one point. If hearts has been determined as trump, every trick counts two points. At first, every player receives three cards. The player, whom the blue trump icon has been assigned to, defines depending on the first three cards the trump's suit. Another possiblity is to determine the invisible 4th card as trump. Afterwards, every player is able to exchange as many cards as he wants to. The round starts after all cards have been exchanged. The player, who has determined the trump, is allowed to play the first card. Then, every player has to play a card, which is compliant to rules. The player, who wins the trick, has to play the first card in the following round. The game is played clockwise. NO advertisement. Enjoy.
Operating System Android