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Play it for free, the newest casino game and feel yourself in Vegas. Have fun and rock the party in amazing machines of slots, video bingo, roulette, poker and bingo. ABOUT THE GAMEInspired by the night of partying and bustle of Las Vegas, the Casino Magic arrives to explore a whole new side of all the experiences already lived in casino games. Here you will find accumulated prize, numerous varieties of Slots, Video Bingo, free credits and much more. SLOT MACHINESAs in most traditional casinos of Las Vegas, the challenge here is to bet high on slot machines, level up and enjoy the party. The higher the bet, more powers, bonuses and surprises you will. Win free spins, bill very tournaments and fill the coffers winning jackpots. VIDEO BINGO MACHINESHere you find THE BEST video bingo machines with many different fun options. Bet big, win jackpots, discover the incredible powers that multiply the gains of the game and surrender to the charms of this luxurious game. VIP YOURSELFBecome a VIP player at Casino Magic and enjoy the best of what the night has to offer. Turbine awards, play exclusive tournaments, win bigger jackpots, special bonus among other great benefits. POWER UPUse the power of the game to increase the chances of raising the level of machines, enjoy all that they can offer and of course, earn credits. As you win awards, closely you get to become VIP and further explore the surprises of the game. PLAY ON THE COMPUTERAlso visit the Casino Magic by computer through your Facebook account. Just enter the platform, look for "CASINO MAGIC" and have fun playing on an even bigger screen. KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR NEWS. Weekley we publish news and promos about Casino Magic in our Fanpage. Like our fanpage and know EVERYTHING that happen is Casino Magic here:
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