UNO - ". eptica Americana" is an American card game which can be played from a young age. Is a board game, easy to play with very simple rules, developing the capacity for attention, strategy of player and last but not least, very fun to play. When the game starts, you can choose to play as a HOST or as a GUEST. if you choose to play like host, the game will generate a number that the guest player will need to enter into a field so in this way the game can connects. RULES OF PLAY: each player must discard the same color or number with card which is down- draw the top card of the deck if dont have card who matching in color or number- if the player discard the card number 2 next player in sequence draws two cards and loses a turn- if the player discard the card number 7 then himself declares next color to be matched- if the player discard the card number 11 next player in sequence loses a turn- if the entire deck is used during play then the game finish at parity- wins who remains without cardHave fun.
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