Enjoy a game of 42 dominoes, also known as Texas 42; a trick taking game with a standard set of double six dominoes. You are paired with a computer partner against two computer opponents. Take 7 marks and win the game. Supports many popular domino variants including Low (Nello), Forced Only Low, Splash, Plunge, Sevens, Forced Only Sevens, Doubles Trump, and No Trump. Your chosen combination can be easily setup within the preferences menu. Domino game results are stored locally in your app. Access the statistics and see how you have been measuring up. FAQ. = (1) How can I lay down my hand? Tapping the green check mark icon or red x icon will end the current hand. The check mark appears when you have enough points to meet your bid. The x appears when you can no longer make your bid. (2) How do I display the hidden played dominoes on 2 mark bids? Within the trick dialog, tapping any domino or hidden trick icon will display all played dominoes. (3) Can I undo a bid or trump selection? If you are the high bidder, an undo icon appears. Tapping the icon will undo the last bid, trump, or contract selection. (4) Why is a bid yellow? A yellow bid indicates a forced bid. (5) What are the different AI play styles? Conservative: Only bids above 30 with really strong hands. Normal: Bids on a mix of hands. More likely to bid 31-35. Aggressive: Bids on most any hand if there is a chance to make it. Once play starts, the three variants generally follow the same strategies.
License Free
Version 5.4
Operating System Android