Tarot 2 - Ludus Triumphorum

Tarot 2 - Ludus Triumphum (trump cards) allows you to use the ancient game of tarot cards from your computer as if you have cards on your table. The application allows you to use 3 predefined decks of which has been created exclusively for the same with the name "Ludus Triumphorum", and import new decks of cards, loaded from their corresponding images and then will use as part of the application itself, without specifying the meanings of the letters, using the common definition for all cards or defining them later in the roll menu. Creating new stocks in the disenio mode specifying the position of each of the cards on the board visually define their position at the same time or later to define the menu on run. Save rolls for later reading and interpretation as HTML web page only, which includes the name of the run, the deck used, also the definition of each of the positions corresponding images and meaning to each of the letters. Change the background of the board, if you want to use a background down according to this use, or define one to your liking. Effects distribute and collect the cards. It has a system of visual aids which enable you to display messages automatically, to facilitate use of the application, numbers on the cards, centering and alignment options of the cards, to facilitate the creation or disenio mode and Chuck. It also allows the automatic centering of the roll regardless of the positions that have been defined or placed. Has a file system data recovery in this case will be spoiled by some system error.
File Size58.48 MB
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows 10 Windows Vista Windows 8