1. is a popular national Landlords Landlords poker game, well-built interfaces for game players to create a strong visual sense, the rule is three to play a card, the landlord of the party, the other two on the other, the two sides battle , according to the order of the cards card, first complete the victory party card in their hands.2. Licensing: After the game the licensing, leaving eight cards, each made 25 cards. Called Score: randomly select a player in this order called points, players can choose to be called "1 minute", "2 minutes", "3 minutes" or do not call minutes, the call must be a fraction higher than the upper. Called 3-point players to become landowners. If no player called three points, then a player with the highest points down the call to become landowners. If no one player called points, then re-licensing, three no one called the landlord, the dissolution of the game. Cards: After deciding landlords, cards issued to become landlords players, other players are not visible.3. The card type:__Single: any one single card.__Straight: Any five cards or more than five points connected, 2, and the king does not appear in the straight.__Pair: any two cards of the same number of points, both Amy king or two can be considered sub-license type.__Even on: three pairs or three or more pairs of points connected cards, such as: 556,677.2 and Wang can not even appear in pairs.__Three: any three points the same card.__Sam Soon: two or more sets of points connected to three cards, such as: 555,666; 555,666,777,888.2 and Wang can not appear in the three-Shun.__Three with two: three cards of the same number of points + a pair of cards, such as the 55577 aircraft with wings: Sanshun + the same number of cards, such as 555666777 + 99JJKK__Bomb: four or more than four points the same card, such as: 66666,999999__King Bomb: four ace4. Skills Collection: (1) with companion cards; (2) to count cards; (3) Guess brand; (4) pressure plate; (5) anti-brand.Content rating: Medium Maturity
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 4.62 MB
Version 2.6.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.