Blackjack Verite Drills

BV-D is a set of Blackjack drills for basic strategy, Spanish 21, SuperFun21 and card counting designed to operate on both tablets and smartphones. iOS versions are also available. QFIT has been developing Blackjack software since 1993, is mentioned in 25 books and recommended by most experts in the field. This is not a toy app, but serious Blackjack software designed to improve your game whether you are a casual player or a professional. The major design philosophies are: Realistic graphics - Screen space is not wasted on cartoonish, non-useful graphics. Graphics that are useful -- cards and discard trays -- are large, realistic, casino-style graphics. For example, there are 206 photo-realistic images of discard trays. Flexibility - Tens of thousands of combinations of options are included. Nearly all screens operate in landscape or portrait. Optimizing your time - Hands are NOT thrown at you completely randomly. More difficult hands are presented more often. You can be drilled on up to five-card hands, which are substantially more difficult than two-card hands. For counting practice, the shoe can be biased toward a positive or negative count to increase difficulty. You can program it to throw cards out in different orientation, placement and numbers. It will remember errors you have made and present you with those hands. Speeds can be increased beyond the speed of human dealers. These features are designed to make better use of your time. Why waste your time on simple hands like player 20 ten-up, that are very common with random dealing, over and over and over? Strategies - The following strategies are included: Basic Strategy, High-Low, Halves, KO, Omega II, AOII, Red7, Zen, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, REKO, FELT, KISS-I, KISS-II, KISS-III, Spanish 21, Superfun 21, Expert, Silver Fox, and UBZ2. Complete index tables for each with modifications for common rules are included from the various books with authorization of the respective authors. QFIT products are the only software products authorized to include most of these strategies. You can also easily import user strategies from Casino Verite Blackjack. Many unusual strategy deviations are supported, like: Hit with 4 or more cards or any 678 possible, or Surrender 10, 6 only. Fixed Price - No piecemealing. You don't get a "free" app and then have to pay more and more to make it functional. Counting, Flashcard and Depth drills operate in portrait or landscape orientation on phones and tablets. Full table drills are landscape mode only and require a tablet. The Flashcard drills can be used by basic strategy players and Spanish 21 and Superfun 21 players. All drills are useful to Blackjack card counters. Flashcard drills allow either button or swipe input for all decisions. We also have an online 540 page free book on Blackjack and operate the most active Blackjack forum and chat room on the web. Also free.
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Version 1.1.6
Operating System Android
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