Monaco Slot Machine HD

This high-definition slot machine game is perfect for anyone who loves Monaco! Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score in the main slot machine game, or see how many times you can double-your-winnings in the Monaco style double game.There is a fun bonus game that gives you the chance to earn many more times what you have won, so you can tell all your friends that love Monaco about it.This game is exclusive to Android phones and Android tablets, it is completely free to use, and the developers will never charge any money or request donations.Some of the key features of Monaco Slot Machine HD are as follows:- Glamorous Monaco theme- There are 5 different reels of shining tiles- There are 9 unique lines in the main slot machine game- There are 2 unique games to win more- Support for Android 2.3 and up- HD graphics which allows for good 'stretching' on a tabletIf you love Monaco, you will feel right at home playing this fun slot machine game.-------Advertising Disclaimer as follows:Important notice regarding advertising within this free slot machine game, Monaco Slot Machine HD:Please note that in order to create high quality slot machine games and other casino apps and provide them free to all android users, CasinoApps1234 includes banner and push advertising via LeadBolt within all free slot machine apps, including Monaco Slot Machine HD.Detailed information about the advertising can be found in our Privacy Policy and at any time should you wish to remove the advertising within our application, you may do so by uninstalling the Monaco Slot Machine HD application altogether. This will immediately cease the sending of push messages that are associated within our slot machine game. About the push messages we send: we do our best to send you messages very infrequently and only when it is something that we at believe you will enjoy. It is through this advertising revenue that we can continue to produce slot machine games free of charge, so we would appreciate it if you support us by clicking through the links and seeing what offers our advertisers have to offer. Want to stay up to date with CasinoApps1234 games? Be sure to like us on Facebook to be informed: And please don't forget to like the Facebook page of Monaco Slot Machine HD as well at: rating: Medium Maturity
File Size4.79 MB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android 2.2 Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.2 and above.