Bridge Baron

The game uses g its bidding and bridge play engine, which has won Five World Computer Bridge Championships. Save game on exit; load last game or start a new one Over 2 billion bridge deals Duplicate and rubber bridge. Optionally play deals with all cards face upBidding hints with explanationPlay hints at any time Choose static or rotating dealer Choose who gets the best hand Choose what kind of deal you want to play: Slam, Game, No Trump or Part Score Deal Included bidding systems: Standard American 5-card Majors - Standard American Yellow Card - Precision - Two-Over-One- Acol - La Majeure Cinquieme - Forum D Each system has Basic, Intermediate and Advanced options, controlling the number of bidding conventions played. Basic: Weak two bids, Stayman, Jacoby transfers Allow 5-card major 1NT, One minor -> 2NT invitational, Strong jump shift responses, 2D Waiting, Feature asking 2NT, Takeout doubles, Limit major raises, New suit resp. to overcall forcing, Jump raise invitational, Weak jump shifts, Blackwood, Standard king askingIntermediate: Texas transfers, Systems on after 1NT overcall, Cappelletti, Inverted minor raises, New minor forcing, Truscott 2NT after double, Splinters, Long suit game-tries, Jacoby 2NT, RKC Blackwood, Voluntary 5-major bids, Control showing cue-bids, Unusual NT, Michaels, Negative doubles, Responsive doubles, Lead directing doublesAdvanced: Lebensohl, NT Defense on in balancing seat, Delayed splinter bids, Preemptive raises, Forcing 1NT, Short suit game-tries, Reverse Drury, Lebensohl over opponent's weak two bids, Jump raise preemptive, Unusual over unusual, Weak jump overcalls, Sandwich NT, Limit-plus cue-bidsThe computer also plays and hints at three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Bidding interpretation, take back and claiming at any time. Full review of how you and Bridge Baron played hands in Duplicate mode.
Price USD 19.99
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File Size 4.3 MB
Operating System Android
System Requirements None