TK Solitaire

TK Solitaire is a set of four fun solitaires. Klondike is the "standard" solitaire that supports either traditional or Vegas style. The other three games are multi-level games with points. Kings Corners is the simplest and tests a player's luck and guessing ability. Choose where to place your face cards and see if you can play all your cards and get to the next deal. Start with twenty cards, see if you can work your way to all 52 or play any level in between. Players build pictures that are included with the game or use they can use their own digital photos. Thieves is a custom variation of Golf that challenges players to take the most cards from the board with the cards in their hand. Jokers, points and multiple levels keep the rules simple and expand the strategy to capture a player's interest indefinitely. Fortitude is a cross between Patience and Freecell. It will demand all of a person's cleverness to work their way through the higher levels and get a high score. Games are saved between sessions and people have been known to work on the same game for days.
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