MyScreenSaver Builder for Vista

One of incentives behind MSB as software product was a compelling opportunity to have a uniform repository of all major world cars in a form of pictures and descriptions that anyone can easily access, contribute, share as collections of images or screensavers, which can be packaged into setup program automatically. By now MSB 2.0 has realized these incentives and comes to you as a power screensaver building tool that turns building screensavers into a few easy steps and provides access to a rich collection of car images and car specifications, all made with MSB, covering all major world car makes: 1) Car images and descriptions are kept together as MSS files. MSS file represents a specific car make and year so that MSS files, in effect, group cars by make and year. Whereas MSS file is the proprietary format of, MSB conveys the opportunity for everyone to use this format to make and share image collections. Notice that MSS format is not limited to cars: any images can be used to make a screensaver. 2) The repository of car images and descriptions is available on MSB site and accessible with MyScreenSaver AWC or MyScreenSaver Lite AWC (both come with MSB 2.0) from the Load Image Sets dialog. The repository includes pictures for all major car brands packaged into MSS files. 3) MSB Wizard takes pictures and car descriptions and creates MSS file and, optionally, a setup program for screensaver that displays a content of MSS file. MSB Wizard provides a template to enter car specifications such as price, year, make, model, engine power, fuel, physical dimensions etc. MSS file can be edited with MSB Wizard later on. 4) You can setup your own repository, for example, on and upload (and download later) MSS files there. Simply put, MSB 2.0 AWC Edition helps you to get acquainted with major cars and, enhanced with its car viewing tools, provides insights while planning car-buying decisions.
Price USD 59.95
License Free to try
File Size 4.68 MB
Version 2.1
Operating System Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None