MagicCopyPaster - is a freeware program for expanding the functions of the clipboard, allows you to copy or cut keep an unlimited number of copied text data and insert them in the right place. The MagicCopyPaster program is easy to use, works quickly and imperceptibly. When MagicCopyPaster is enabled, all copied and cut text data will be saved in it. To insert a text element saved in MagicCopyPaster, click on it and it will be copied to the clipboard and you can insert it where you want. For the first ten cells of text data, you can use hot keys the CTRL + key sequence number (CTRL + 1, CTRL + 2 ... to CTRL + 0) to copy the data to the clipboard and paste it in the correct place. You can edit the text data in any cell and save the changes by clicking on the selected cell and editing the text in the edit window and clicking the "save changes" button. You can delete unnecessary text data by clicking on the selected cell and clicking on the "delete selected" button. If you click "delete all" all text data in all MagicCopyPaster cells will be deleted. At startup MagicCopyPaster is minimized into a tray as an icon. In the settings, you can choose to start MagicCopyPaster when start Windows. If you disable MagicCopyPaster or close the program, the text data will be copied to the standard Windows clipboard.
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Operating System Windows Windows 2003 Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 8