RegKey Maker 2013

What it Does RegKey Maker 2013 makes registration keys for developer's software. There are two different types of ways to use the program: Single Key and Multi-Key. Single-Key Option Single Key is used for developers who want to have a single registration key for their application. This means every customer would get the same registration key. It is the easiest method. Of course with a single key it is hard to call back the key since every customer would have it. Multiple-Key Option With multi-key, the program creates as many keys as you request it to. You then save them in a file or a database to be checked against when the key is entered by the customer. Regular or Encrypted Keys The keys can be saved as they are or they can be encrypted with Md5, SHA1, Sha256, SHA384, SHA512 algorithms. In addition, you can create a custom encryption using those algorithms in the settings of the program. Many Different Formats for Multi-Key You can save the multi-keys as text files, xml, zip, binary, or as sql dumps to be inserted into your database. And each of those types can contain the unencrypted key or the encrypted key. Easily Remove and Make More Keys You can quickly and easily replace your keys at anytime by generating more. And if a key needs to be removed, you can remove it. Custom Encryption In the setting you can set up a custom encryption routine which you would then duplicate in your programs. You can also set up the length of your keys as well as each part of it. In addition you can setup the program to use or not use: capitals, lower case, and numbers. You also can set up what encryption the multi-key should use.
Price USD 12.95
License Free to try
File Size 647.27 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
System Requirements NET Framework 4.0