JChem Base

JChem Base is a tool for the development of chem informatics applications allowing storage and search of structural and non-structural data. JChem Base can handle molecule, reaction, polymer, Markush and query structural contents. JChem Base will integrate with a variety of database systems (Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Access, etc) with web interfaces and offers fast substructure, similarity, exact, superstructure and other searches. Structures are stored in database tables, combining structural and non-structural data. SDF, SMILES, MOL, RDF, CML, and many other file formats are supported. JChem Base also supports ChemAxon's Chemical Terms language to enable complex chemical queries, expressions and rules. The system includes Marvin, a suite of chemical editor, viewer and visualization tools and graphical user interfaces.
Price USD 350
License Free to try
Version 5.11.4
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None