Nagster is a tool that can be used to augment business processes by adding structure to the processes and increasing awareness. It is commonly used to send lists of items that require an individual to take certain actions. It can be structured so that each person gets only their list of items as opposed to sorting through the items for the larger group. Since their list is presented right in the email, it is more efficient than mass emailed spreadsheets or having each user run their own reports. In many cases it is used to augment the business process around systems where adding data validations are impractical. It can also be used for exception reporting to management. Some examples: ????? Send an email to each person who did not submit their Time and Attendance on schedule. ????? Send an email to each person who left a data field blank in a scenario where it needs to be filled in. ????? Send an email to each assigned person including his/her items that are due today. ????? Send an email to each assigned person including his/her items that have been assigned to them for longer than 14 days. ????? Send an email listing all of the items that have exceeded the work estimate. ????? Send an email listing all of the time entries where the incorrect item number was used. ????? Send a list of unassigned items that have been unassigned for 3 days. The basic idea is that you can reduce the manual effort for each person to find the items that are relevant to him/her. You can reduce the management effort since you're not sorting and filtering spreadsheets to find what you want your team to work on. You can use it to remind people to do things that your systems don't enforce. Because it's more timely and automatic than your manual steps, your processes will run more smoothly and your data will be better. Nagster can be used to send an email about anything that you can write SQL to retrieve. It sends a separate email to each person you specify using the SQL.
Price USD 39.95
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Version 1.2
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
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