MFC and WinForms Integration

MFC and WinForms Integration is comprised of three MFC extension dlls, two WinForm user controls, and one main MFC MDI app. EXTDLL1 uses CWinFormsView to host the WinFormUserControlView1 user control as a CView window inside the MFC MDI app. Also uses command routing to send messages to the WinForms user control. EXTDLL2 shows how to host a WinForm user control as a static control inside an existing CView window. EXTDLL3 encapsulates the different ways a WinForm user control can be hosted in an MFC dialog, including using CDialog and CWinFormsDialog.
File Size240.25 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows 2003
System RequirementsVisual Studio 2005 July CTP.