HyperKernel is a set of extensions and APIs for Windows NT which provide real-time operating system capabilities and application development tools. HyperKernel features preemptive and round-robin scheduling,priority-based scheduling (32 levels) Deterministic processing of external asynchronous events, multitasking to process multiple external events Fast inter-thread communicationsDynamic starting/stopping of application threadsConcurrent execution with standard Windows NT applicationsHyperKernel is a self-contained execution environment; HyperKernel threads run within a HyperKernel environment and are not subject to scheduling delays in Windows NT. In fact, the Windows NT scheduler is totally unaware of HyperKernel threads. HyperKernel has its own scheduler, its own set of services, and its own internal kernel.
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File Size 5.25 MB
Version 5.4
Operating System Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000
System Requirements
  • a uniprocessor AT-compatible system running the EISA/ISA HAL
  • Pentium 133 MHz or faster processor
  • 64 MB RAM installed
  • 15 MB free hard disk space
  • Parallel port (for runtime key)
  • Microsoft Windows NT Service Pack 4 or 5
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 4.2 or later