WebService Cruiser is a Web-based testing tool which is designed to test those text-in/text-out or parameters-in/text-out based on Web services and applications, especially XML and SOAP Web services/applications. Major Features: Supports both HTTP and HTTPS for target URLs. Input can be Parameters, XML/TEXT, SOAP. Performance or load testing; you can submit the same request multiple time (up to 999 times, configurable), either sequencially or concurrently. For multiple sequencial submitting, you can select to display all output, one output, or display time only. For multiple sequencial submitting, it displays both total time and average time per request. For multiple concurrent submitting, it displays total time. Test both POST and GET methods with Parameters input (POST only for XML/TEXT and SOAP input). Save input and output to local files, and load them back in the future. View input and output history, and save them to local files.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.04 MB
Operating System Windows Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT
System RequirementsWindows NT/2000/XP