Bungisoft Syntax Visualizer

From the developer: "Are you looking for better ways to document your various syntax grammars? Has your search for a railroad diagramming tool left you disappointed? Then we have the answer - Bungisoft Syntax Visualizer(tm) Bungisoft Syntax Visualizer(tm) provides a new level of visual impact and interactivity to documentation of your various parsers. It is a self-contained Java(tm)-based visualization application that dynamically creates visual representation of you syntax grammar and saves it as images for easy integration with your other documentation tasks. It includes support for multiple parser generator syntax formats, all common image formats, easy integration with your existing build environment, full customization of the look of your Railroad Diagrams, Multi-platform support. Bungisoft Syntax Visualizer(tm) is a flexible supports a wide variety of commonly used formats for parser generation. We can also provide you with custom grammar interfaces to suit your parser generator syntax or flavor of BNF. We provide out-of-box support for Yacc, Bison, JavaCC, 'Common' EBNF, ISO EBNF (ISO/IEC 14977) The program provides a fully Customizable Diagram Look with multiple configuration options you can customize virtually anything about the look of your generated diagrams."
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