TuComHex is powerful serial communication software with a rich set of hex editing features. Its main purpose is to help you debug the devices connected to the COM port of your PC through RS-232 cable. The Com Panel window of TuComHex allows you to send data to the COM port through the Send Pane and view the received data in the Receive Pane at the same time. The mark pattern feature makes it very easy for you to view and analyze the received data packets since you can mark the packet header and body in different colors.The hex editing features of TuComHex include opening multiple files, editing hex values, comparing two files and marking different bytes, importing hex values from text files, cutting bytes, copying bytes, pasting bytes, inserting bytes, finding bytes, replacing bytes, reversing byte sequence, applying bit-wise operation on selected bytes, marking bytes, marking blocks, marking patterns, marking units, and more.
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Operating System Windows 98 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows 95 Windows