The ABlacklist is a Blacklist, Call Blocker/Call Filter and SMS interceptor for Android based systems. It allows you to make a contact list which incoming calls and messages of that list can be blocked or accepted. Main Features • Reply a SMS to Blocked Calls • Intuitive and user friendly interface. • Easy to configure and use. • Block calls/messages of contacts in Blacklist. • Allow calls/messages of contacts in Whitelist. • Very easy to make a contact list to block or allow incoming calls and messages. • Log for blocked calls and intercepted messages. • It can reply a SMS or Call for logged messages/calls. • It can block calls without identification. • Protect access to application with a password. • Notification of blocked/hidden calls/messages on Android Status bar. • It can schedule the period when the Application will work. • SPAM filter for messages.
File Size1.29 MB
Operating System Android