Any Submitter Lite

AnySubmitter is a powerful web automation software. It is a All-In-One SEO tool for webmasters. With AnySubmitter, You can do web data extracting, web scraping, web content publishing, and any web automaticion task. Features: 1) Support Captcha breaking. AnySubmitter Integrated decaptcher API that can automatically input the captcha field for you and save your time. 2) Support Content Spinning. AnySubmitter Intergrated the best spinner API that can generated uniqued content for you, even the content you extracted from any other Web site. 3) Support Custom Submission Content with AnySubmitter you may design yourself submission content for your submission task through the XML file. 4) Support PHP and Smarty Template. AnySubmitter intergrated the PHP script language and SMARTY template language. The SMARTY technology ensure you can design your post content flexibility. The PHP technology ensure you can extract data and store the data to XML, MySQL, TXT, CVS and any format through the PHP script. even you can publishing the data at once. 5) Multi-Client Synchronous Technology AnySubmitter uses Multi-Client Synchronous Technology, That ensure you may run multiple task on a lot of different computers. You only need to control the Distributer. 6) A Simple Site Designer. AnySubmitter includes a Simple Site Designer. With the Designer, Anyone can design a new site for posting or extracting in a simple steps. 7) Support Task Scheduler. AnySubmitter support Task Scheduler. That can automatically distribute task to your clients and save your time.
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Operating System Windows NT Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows 7 Windows