Polls Online (Quizzes, Free)

Polls Online application allows you to create simple online surveys / quizzes / polls and collect answers from iPhone and iPod touch users all over the world.Create and check regularly your multiple and single choice polls. Ask about anything you are curious about completely anonymously. Just do it in English.Answer polls created by other users.** More detailed:When you start the application a random poll is loaded and displayed. Question and possible answers below. Depending on the poll's setting it can be either single choice (you can pick one answer - previous will be automatically deselected) or multiple choice (you can pick any answer, even all). When you send your vote (OK button) the results are updated and displayed on your screen. You can always check the results even before voting by pressing the little info button in the bottom, left corner.If you find current poll interesting you can add it to favorites (star button), to track the results, tap star again to remove it from favorite list. You can quickly check other polls by pressing the reload button in the top right.If the poll is kinda inappropriate, press the report button (lighting mark), to mark it as inappropriate. Report button allows you to delete the poll if you are the one who created it, either by mistake, or simply you just won't to remove it.By swiping your finger, you navigate through different menus like:1. My polls - displays the list of polls divided into 3 tabs: Created, Voted, and Favourite - as mentioned before.2. Search - here you can check if the poll about certain topic (like president election, interesting world events and so on) already exists. You can search for the given keywords either in questions or in answers.3. Stats - here you see how many polls and their votes Polls Online's users have submitted up-to-date and quickly get the newest, popular or not popular polls.4. And the last one - "Create a poll" - here you can quickly ask the world about anything. Enter the question first and then specify the answers. By default poll is "single-answer" with the answers Yes/No/Don't know, but you can of course change it so it suits your expectations. Please add polls only in English so major part of the world will understand them.Have a lot of fun.
File Size683.59 kB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required