Meeting Sound FX

Have to attend boring meetings all the time? Ever wish you had a way to infuse a bit of laughter into your workplace meetings?If so, then Meeting Sound FX is the application for you.Meeting Sound FX gives you 20 great sound effects sure to add life to any boring meeting you have to attend. With a simple soundboard at the tip of your fingers, you can now be the life of the party at those dull meetings.The sounds you get:1) Applause - Give someone's idea or accomplishments a round of applause.2) Beer Pour - Your meeting's wrapping up, why not suggest a happy hour at a local pub.3) Boing!!! - Someone says something shocking, give them the Boing!!!4) Bomb - An idea sounds like a real clunker, time for the bomb.5) Buzzer - A classic game-show-like buzzing effect.6) Car Crash - Someone's presentation not going so well, car crash it is.7) Clock Tick - Awaiting an answer from a colleague, why not put them on the clock.8) Crickets - Uncomfortable silences, bring out the crickets.9) Crowd Boo! - An unpopular decision is suggested, give them the Boo!10) Crowd Oh! - A "missed it by that much" moment, time for an Oh!11) Cry Baby - A co-worker whining about an issue, let them know how you feel.12) Fire Alarm - Give the meeting attendees a wake-up call with this one.13) Huh? - Don't understand an idea, let them know.14) Laughing - Need a little canned laughter, here you go.15) Plane Crash - A presentation having a "crash and burn" moment?16) Rim Shot - The office jokester needs to be told how bad their puns are, here you go.17) Sci-Fi - Every office has a person that has wacky wild thoughts, this effect is for them.18) Snoring - Meeting's a real snoozer, let them know.19) Suspense - Can't wait to hear the big proposal, start off with this great sound.20) Time Passes - A classic game-show-like sound while you wait for an answer.Meeting Sound FX - a great way to add humor and laughter to your office staff meetings.
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
File Size 9.92 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required