Leviticus : The Third Book of Holy Bible

WebPix Solutions brings Leviticus the third Book of Holy Bible as an iphone based book application as Holy Bible Leviticus.Leviticus is the third book of the Torah (Pentateuch), the name given in Judaism to the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament).Leviticus contains laws and priestly rituals, but in a wider sense is about the working out of God's covenant with Israel set out in Genesis and Exodus - what is seen in the Torah as the consequences of entering into a special relationship with God. These consequences are set out in terms of community relationships and behavior.The first 16 chapters and the last chapter make up the Priestly Code, with rules for ritual cleanliness, sin-offerings, and the Day of Atonement, including Chapter 12 which mandates male circumcision. Chapters 17-26 contain the Holiness Code, including the injunction in chapter 19 to "love one's neighbor as oneself" (the Great Commandment). The book is largely concerned with "abominations", largely dietary and sexual restrictions. The rules are generally addressed to the Israelites, except for the prohibition in chapter 20 against sacrificing children to Molech, which applies equally to "the strangers that sojourn in Israel."According to tradition, Moses authored Leviticus as well as the other four books of the Torah. Some Biblical scholars believe Leviticus to be almost entirely from the priestly source, marked by emphasis on priestly concerns, composed c 550-400 BC, and incorporated into the Torah c 400 BC. Other Biblical scholars have presented evidence for a date of composition in approximately the 15th century BC, based on literary and legal customs of the ancient Near East. See the Composition section below for a discussion of these views.We have created a very simple navigation for this application so it will be very easy to use this application at your convenient time.Your valuable suggestions are always welcome
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