IMCrypto was designed to protect your instant messenger conversations. The program is compatible with most of the widely spread instant messengers and uses in its work one of the strongest and most reliable public key encryption algorithms - RSA. You can start secure conversation with other person right after the program is installed. All the incoming and outgoing messages will be encrypted and only the addressee will be able to read them. IMCrypto Toolbar helps you to access all the necessary functions in just one click and with a help of IMCrypto Control Center you can access additional options and settings. We have also developed IMCrypto KeyServer which will give you an opportunity to exchange keys with all your contacts easily and quickly. Easy-to-use and reliable IMCrypto will protect all your instant messenger conversations and keep your confidential information in secret.
File Size5.83 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows XP 64-bit SP 2 Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista 32-bit Windows 2000 SP 3 Windows XP Professional Windows XP Itanium 64-bit Windows XP 32-bit Windows Vista Windows XP SP 1 Windows 2000 Advanced Server Windows 2000 SP 2 Windows XP Home Edition Windows 2000 Server Windows XP 64-bit Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Windows XP Windows 2000 SP 1 Windows Vista Ultimate Windows XP Itanium 64-bit SP 2 Windows 2000 SP 4 Windows Vista Itanium 64-bit Windows XP SP 2 Windows XP 64-bit SP 1 Windows XP Itanium 64-bit SP 1 Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Vista AMD 64-bit Windows 2000 Professional
System RequirementsWindows 2000/XP/Vista