AmiPic! Web Suite is fast and effective Internet Searchbot, download manager and image viewer software. It can find and download web pages, pictures, movies, mp3 music, text and other files. Use it as site copier to download the whole web sites to explore them off-line. Also you can use its Detailed Search feature to search for words and phrases in saved web pages and other text files located on your PC. Unlike with other searchbots you can add more search engines to use by the program without need for program update or author's intervention. It also has convenient and fast image viewer (currently it supports widely spread JPEG format) which you can use to view and print pictures downloaded with AmiPic or saved on your computer from other sources, such as Usenet binary newsgroups, etc. Features include: Fast search for web pages matching your topics of interest. Image viewer to print downloaded pictures and view them on screen Custom search engines scripting. You can add or modify search engines manually! Smart download features to speed-up files retrieval. Detailed Search turns your PC into your own power off-line "search engine" Built-in site copier to download the entire web sites. Special features to ease huge web sites download, such as mp3 archives. Ability to block unwanted content download "on-the-fly".
File Size798.83 kB
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME