SearchGun searches not only in file name but in file content. Search takes into account the mistakes in words and differnce in ending/suffix. In such way, searching "invoice" the documents containing not only "invoice", but "invoices" (wordform), "invoise" (spelling mistake) will be found. If the search query consists of a few words, SearchGun is giving out the files containing the query partly (not all query words). Of course, such files have a less Score. If query consists of a few words, so SearchGun searches not only their file existing but phrase. The phrase means a close position of query words. If file contains an exposed phrase containing all the required words, file will be colored by red. In partly coincidence (for example we search "free icon download", and file contains the phrase "free icon") file will be colored by blue. SearchGun also uses statistic information of frequency word popularity for better Score calculation. If the word is often met in text, we suppose, the file is better required and has a higher Score.
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