SolverLabs Web Monitor

Web monitor is little handy Windows System Tray utility with powerful features to monitor various Web resources like Web pages, RSS/XML/Atom/RDF feeds, forums, blogs, and news Web sites for changes and/or appearance of specific keywords. When these keywords are found it will notify user, display the page with the keywords highlighted in yellow. It also has function to e-mail notification about detection of new change and/or keyword appearance to specified e-mail address. Application has 2 main views: Alerts and Searches. A search is either RSS/XML/Atom/RDF feed, Web page or Yahoo/Google news. Every search can either detect change in the monitored content or detect appearance of the specific keyword(s) in it. All user defined searches are displayed in the Search View Windows. Once a Web page change, new RSS feed item or keyword appearance in the monitored content is detected, it is delivered to the user as new alert and displayed in the Alerts View Window.
File Size627.55 kB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Vista Windows Windows XP