Quick.as is a free little site that allows you to save time getting to sites on the Web ... but that does not really answer your question. It's two things. First of all, it's a Quick Search. Quick.as allows you to search as if the search bar were a command line. Hmm, that might be a bit technical ... it is kind of programming stuff. In simple terms, it means you can throw a word or a "command" in front of your search term and it will search a different resource. E.g. "w Lebron James" will search Wikipedia for the search term "Lebron James" while "gm Mt. Erica Hotel" will search Google Maps. You can see the list of commands here. Second, it's a Quick Links. If you choose to register and login, it also allows you add a few links to your most commonly visited sites. At least a couple of times a day I go to my local newspaper site, Gmail, Google Reader, Digg, ESPN, and Facebook. I had added these links to my profile and now when I open a tab, I can simply click on the link to take me there.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None