Bookmark what you want!Hallon is an app that can create bookmarks in many applications that usually can't create bookmarks and you can access these bookmarks all the time. You can also set an alarm and write notes for each bookmark.You can e.g. bookmark your favorite songs in iTunes or some documents that you are working on and access and open them easily whenever you want. You can even bookmark an email that you have to reply to later that day or the contact information of a friend whom you need to contact before the end of the week and get an alarm for it at the right time to remind you and let you open just that mail or contact directly.How does it work1) Select what you want to bookmark in one of the supported apps, like e.g. iTunes2) Choose Add... from the Hallon icon in the top right corner and if you want you can set a due date and an alarm in the Organizer which will notify you when you want and open it3) You can access the bookmark whenever you want by choosing it from the menu bar icon in the top right corner or by double-clicking it in the OrganizerHallon comes with support for the latest versions of Address Book, Finder, Chrome, iPhoto, iTunes, Mail, Safari and Terminal.
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Operating System Mac OS X 10.7 Macintosh