Oops! my message

Oh No! What a mistake! I can't believe I sent that! How many times have you hit that Send button and then said "Oops! My message..." Because: -The message was sent to the wrong email address. -You had second thoughts on your choice of words. -You forgot an attachment. -An incorrect recipient was included in To/Cc/Bcc. -Confidential material was sent to the wrong address. -Everything about sending that email was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Oops!My message was designed to solve two frequently occurring emailing problems: -Sending an email by mistake due to a wrong recipient, or the wrong information, or without all of the necessary information. -Slips in electronic mail communications that may damage your business or your reputation.Oops!My message prevents these errors from occurring by automatically holding each and every email you send [except those on the excluded list]. Once you have hit that Send button your Email is held for the specified holding time you selected on the program settings. Oops!My message you define the length of the holding time. While in the "MailOnHold" file, you can open your message, review it, edit it, delete it, verify addresses under To/Cc/Bcc or add an attachment to the email. Oops!My message provides you with that extra, double check to make sure that you are sending what you want, to whom you intended. Your reviewed email is now ready for sending. No more mistakes.
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License Free
File Size 1.88 MB
Version 0.8.3
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements MS Outlook 2003