YesNDR will solve the problem of not being able to receive Non Delivery Notifications and other Exchange 2007 system messages (such as delivery and read notifications) when you "Send As" messages from a mail enabled Public Folder. YesNDR is an Exchange 2007 Server transport rule written using .NET v2.0 that intercepts all messages going through the Exchange queues. If it finds a message that is flagged as a NDR, Delivery Notification or Read Notification it changes the "Content-Type" to "multipart/alternative" and submits it back for delivery. After this alteration all NDRs, Delivery Notifications & Read Receipt Notifications can be delivered to any mail enabled Public Folder. You can also receive all NDRs in a predefined email account.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.54 MB
Operating System Windows
System RequirementsExchange 2007 Hub Transport Role x64, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0