1.Windows command prompt send mail with attachment. Run directly. No installation required. 2.Response back with "Mail sent successfully with return code 0" or "Mail sent failure" for your program to take action 3.SSL supported to use Hotmail, Yahoo...etc or your own mail server to send mail. 4.Mail body can be read from text file or html file or input directly 5.Option to put the parameters server, port, from, subject, body, attachment,cc, bcc in files eg hotmail.txt, yahoo.txt as one parameter and run mailcmd -inputfile "hotmail.txt" or Input from command prompt : mailcmd -server "..." -port "..." -from "..." -pass "..." 6.You can run directly without license key but the text will be truncated.
Price USD45
License Free to try
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Version 1.1
Operating System Windows 10 Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 2003 Windows Windows 8