MailEase Pro

MailEase features: Multiple User Profiles: You can easily create multiple User Profiles - this is very useful if you have multiple mail accounts (multiple Internet Service Providers) and/or you wish to create, reply or forward mail using a different 'personality'. Businesses (SOHO, etc.) and individuals alike will find this feature invaluable. Multiple Email Accounts: You can also easily create multiple Email Accounts - this is for anyone who has more than one Internet Service Provider (ISP). Now you can retrieve mail from multiple mail servers and you can even retrieve all of your mail from all of your mail servers with one mouse click! Multiple Address Books: MailEase Pro supports multiple address books - create one for business, one for personal use, etc. You can easily cut, copy & paste between them. Switching between address books is quick and easy because we have given you a Change Address Book selection on most of the popup menus. And much more...
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000