What about a tool to share your appointments in Outlook 2000 or XP on your windows machine with an Ipod or iCal on your Macintosh? iAppoint is a tool that simply copies all your appoints in Outlook to one single file. This file 'vCalandar.ics' can be copied to your iPod or macintosh for import into iCal. iPod users For iPod users who have their iPod connected to the firewire port it's easy. Just copy the export file c:\vCalendar.ics to your calendar folder on the iPod. If you have a iPod mac version you will need a tool like MacOpener, XPlay or MacDrive to make the iPod drive visible on your windows machine.Users of the win version of the iPod donâ??t need this.
File Size2.1 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 2000
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000
  • Outlook 2000.