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MailTemplate is a solution to a problem of sending similar messages to different people. It is NOT a bulk mail software, it helps composing messages to individual recipients. One example where mail templates are useful is when you provide a support via e-mail and you often receive similar or identical questions which require similar or identical responses.MailTemplate offers an easy solution: create your templates once and use them in your new messages or responses. It can save you a lot of typing and a lot of time.The download package is a 15 day trial version. If you upgrade an expired trial version your trial period will be extended by 5 days allowing you to check out the new version. Free Licenses Non-profit/charity organizations are eligible for free licenses if the following conditions are met: it's not a political organization, has a internet website and registration request comes from e-mail in its website domain. Free software authors may receive free licenses if they provide support for their software. Any request for free license is subject to evaluation. Free Extras Version 1.4 adds some extras. Those extras are free, which means that they can be used without any restrictions and registration is not required after 2 week's demo period to continue to use them. 1. New Message with Attachment — ctrl-click on a file or folder in Finder to see this option activated. 2. Mark Message as Replied/Not Replied — click on a message to mark it as replied or not replied. 3. Copy Sender's First Name/Last Name/Full Name — ctrl-click on a message and copy sender's name.
Price USD10
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File Size 846.68 kB
Version 1.4.1
Operating System Mac OS X 10.2 Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or higher
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