GC Reply Format Configurator

GC Reply Format Configurator is an outlook add-in product from GenesisCircle that works with Microsoft�?�® Outlook�?�® versions 2000 to 2007. GC reply format Configurator is the perfect companion for outlook. Features: GC Reply Format Configurator enables you to configure your reply and forward mails in HTML, Plain Text, and Rich Text formats. Select multiple messages and configure the reply formats to all the selected recipients. After installing "GC Reply Format Configurator" we can see a new menu item "Reply Format Configurator" under Tools in Microsoft Outlook. This menu item is used to configure the format of reply and forward messages. The pop up allows you to save the reply or forward mails formats you need. You can choose HTML, Plain Text or Rich Text format from here. There are three options under each tab. The options under HTML tab are: Always Reply in HTML; Always Reply All in HTML; Always Forward in HTML; The options under Plain Text tab are: Always Reply in Plain Text; Always Reply All in Plain Text; Always Forward in Plain Text; The options under Rich Text tab are: Always Reply in Rich Text; Always Reply All in Rich Text; Always Forward in Rich Text; And also you can select the check box near the "Use default Action". This will maintain the default formats in your reply/forward mails. Another method is by using a shortcut available by right clicking the selected recipient messages. Right click pops up a menu where we can find "Reply Format Configurator" menu item. It has all the formats listed as sub menu items. And the moment you click the format, the message window is immediately displayed with the selected format without pressing any further buttons.
File Size3.79 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 2.0