Communication Tube

Communication Tube is a Web-based chat client that supports the most popular IM networks including ICQ, GTalk, MSN Messenger, and IRC. It is 100% Web-based messenger - no software downloads or additional registrations required, no pop-ups, no Java applets, and no ActiveX components. Simply login and enjoy communication through your favorite IM client. It saves your bandwidth - when messages are sent and received, they instantly appear using latest AJAX technology without page refresh therefore saving your traffic and money. You are also free from hitting the 'Refresh' button. It is amazingly convenient and safe to use - imagine you are at your friend's house or visiting an Internet club. You definitely don't want to download new software (and sometimes you are not even allowed to) and save your login information so that it could be recalled by someone else. This is when Communication Tube comes to help you. Simultaneously connect to multiple IM networks from a single online interface and start your conversation in a few seconds. Communication Tube guarantees your privacy and login information are absolutely secure. We do not store any private information including conversation history, usernames or passwords on our servers. Usernames and passwords are sent to IM networks servers using the 1024-bit RSA encryption. This information is never shared or sold to the third parties. Communication Tube is popular with thousands of users worldwide because it is compatible with the most widespread IM networks and makes users capable of using all of them in one comfortable online interface.
Operating System Webware