BitFaster Professional

BitFaster is an award winning Email Marketing Software that's designed to help you grow your business. It can be used for Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Tweeting. Whether you are a small business owner or an enterprise organization, BitFaster can help you achieve your goals with minimal effort and investment. It's got everything you need to create, manage, send, track and analyze your Campaigns. You can even use it for sending out SMS campaigns. Just connect to any SMS gateway provider of your choice and you are all set to go. Features: Built-in database to manage your Groups and Contacts. Manage unlimited E-mail/SMS Campaigns, Tweets. Eliminate chances of being labeled a Spammer (No CC or BCC allowed). Spam check your E-mail Campaigns. Unicode support (multi-lingual messages) and A/B Split Subject Testing. Personalize every E-mail/SMS message sent (66 System Variables supported). Use Dynamic Content in your Campaigns. Support for Dynamic Attachment. Integrates with Google Maps. Your database is safe and secure on your system and not hosted somewhere. Connect to any third party SMS Gateway that supports HTTP/S protocol to send SMSs. Hands free subscribe/unsubscribe and bounce management. Built-in HTML Editor. Track and Measure the Success of your Email Campaigns using BitFaster Online. Customize your Report formats. Send Personalized Transactional Messages (Marketing Automation). Connect to any Database or Excel Worksheet to send Alerts (Notifications) at scheduled times.
File Size8.75 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows 8 Windows 2003 Windows 10 Windows Windows XP Windows Server 2008 Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows NT
System Requirements Microsoft Office 2003 or above (for report generation); At least 1 SMTP account (for sending Email Campaigns/Alerts); SMS Gateway that supports HTTP/S API (only for SMS Campaigns/Alerts); Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or above (for BitFaster Enterprise only)