Add-on to your local SMTP e-mail server that automatically downloads your incoming e-mail from a remote server. This Windows utility was designed for companies that use an ISP to host their Internet domain and they also use a local SMTP email server, such as Microsoft Exchange, Eudora World Mail or UNIX. IGetMail bridges the gap between your local and remote email server to ensure that your incoming email is systematically downloaded to your local email server for timely distribution. IGetMail dials into your ISP or other remote mail server and downloads incoming mail addressed to your Internet domain. IGetMail's scheduling feature allows you to check mail during a specified time period and at a frequency rate that you define. IGetMail can also retrieve e-mail from two different remote mail servers, allowing you to smoothly transition from one ISP account to another.
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 2000 Windows Windows 2003 Windows XP