ra Software unleashes the final Opera 7.20 for Windows, making the latest in Web technology available for the millions of users in need of a better browser. This version fine-tunes speed and performance, adds support for bidirectional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, and lets users of the ad-sponsored version choose to receive either relevant text-based ads served by Google or generic graphical ads. Opera 7.20 is a substantial upgrade, increasing performance in the fastest, smallest, most full-featured desktop browser ever released. Press reports indicate that Opera is currently the only major commercial player continuing to push browser development, offering a vast number of new users a continually up-to-date and enhanced Internet experience. That the need for a better browser than Microsoft's Internet Explorer is great as evidenced by Opera's popularity. Already in August, Opera 7 passed a new milestone with over 10 million copies downloaded just from www.opera.com. In addition to the copies downloaded from Opera's homepage are the many millions more downloaded from other sites around the world. "With Opera 7.20 we again prove our determination to break new ground with every major release," says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. "Opera remains the undisputed speed champ, true to its tagline as 'The Fastest Browser on Earth', while also including unique features in a package small enough to fit on a mobile phone." Classic Opera innovations like mouse gestures, integrated search, and multiple document interface have redefined for millions how to get the most out of the Web. Opera's 7-series continues this proud tradition by introducing powerful new features like the FastForward button, the built-in e-mail client, and spatial navigation, changing forever how users interact with their keyboard when online.
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