Packed with so many features, AdminPro has replaced the desktop FTP application for most users. AdminPro can slash the tedius production cycle by putting all the routine tasks in one otherwise passive application - any standard web browser.AdminPro runs from a standard web browser (so it's platform and operating system agnostic) and lets users navigate their remote domain, upload, download, rename, chmod and delete files, open and edit files without needing to first download, create, remove, and rename directories - plus two-click CGI debugging to help pinpoint those pesky "server 500" errors that can creep into any script.More than 100,000 users worldwide have made AdminPro the must-have web development tool. The full-featured trial download of AdminPro lets users evaluate it for 10 days before paying the US$20. single-user license fee. Visit the website for details.AdminPro 2.6 lets users choose "default" or "administrator" mode depending on their hosting environment and now users can rename files and directories!Links directly from the AdminPro browser interface take users directly to the new AdminPro User Guide with its Troubleshooting FAQ and the User Survey for providing feedback and suggestions.
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Operating System Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows
System Requirements
  • Windows NT/2000