Shopper 21

Revolutionary powerful and fast Shopper 21 pleasantly surprises users with many new patent-pending features. The HyperTouch feature allows users to preview websites, news, product descriptions, Wikipedia articles etc. up to 5 times faster and without clicking anything. The 'Magic Copy' maintains content from all browsers including Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and from the most of Windows application. 'Visual History' lets users watch their browser history like a movie. Shopper 21 allows users to save and re-load configurations of websites, export them to files and to share them with friends or colleagues. Users can also use the Home configuration instead of home page and open certain configurations at certain times of day - like weather and news sites first thing in the morning. Shopper 21 exports the fragments and pages to MS Word / PDF / RTF, opens last session including zoom factors and positions on web pages. It can also open the thematic web Presets (business, art, science, children, home etc) directly from web site. Built-in 'Ads suppressor' removes most of ads. Shopper 21 has built-in Spell checker, Screen-shooter, Images remover (per tab or for all tabs), Parental control, Private window, Select search engines. It also allows user to obtain the online references from Wikipedia and other sources. Shopper 21 supports Favorites, Bookmarks, Quick launch buttons on new tab, Import of bookmarks from Google Chrome, Developer's features (Console, Objects explorer, Debug UI). web site contains many videos that demonstrate various features. These videos can easily be accessed directly from web browser to help users with transition to Shopper 21.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 57.8 MB
Version 5.381.0.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None