Surfy gives you one of the simplest, fastest, most fluid browsing experience you can get on a smartphone. Use Surfy to browse, download files and videos, play HTML 5 games offline, password protect the browser, or even listen to web pages read aloud. These are just some of the traits that makes Surfy the best alternative to the stock browser. Here is why hundreds of thousands of users love Surfy: * Surfy helps you save on data costs, reducing data to as little as 20%. * Surfy has real visible tabs--not hidden tabs--so you can surf the web like on the desktop; no compromising. * Surfy has the most intuitive, simplest and straight forward UI you will find. * Surfy lets you hear the web with its smart text to speech player - listen to a page while you browse other pages. * Surfy is about you, and lets you customize the interface accordingly - set one of your favorite photos as Surfy's background and change Surfy's theme colors. * Surfy speaks your language - Surfy has been translated by volunteers into 21 languages, with more on the way - we have even have Tamil and Kannada. Give Surfy a try today and see why so many users say Surfy is the best browser ever.
Operating System Windows Phone 8 Mobile