FlameSky is a chromium based web browser made by Cubicle International aimed at providing internet and unbelievable speed without imposing any load on the system it runs on. FlameSky enriches the tabbed web browsing tradition of FlameSky by allowing New Windows. Unlike previous editions, version has a favorites bar and download bar .It is the only browser with an inbuilt Youtube video downloader ever built in this industry. With this new edition one can download, upload, watch flash ,play games etc. without any interference at all from Windows Error Detection Programs. In one sentence it is just the perfect system for you, if you are one who wants everything at the cost of nothing. It is an advanced, web browser that enables you to connect to the Internet faster, secure and quicker. Specifically engineered to meet the demands of the modern day net surfer with perfect glitch free support for Web User Interface and many apps inbuilt. Cubicle FlameSky comes as a web browser and as a netbook operating system, which has an array of web browsing, email and development tools. FlameSky is a very simple piece of software working as a web browser which aims to offer you the ability of accessing your favorite websites, enabling you to open multiple pages simultaneously.. FlameSky is a basic and user-friendly Internet browser created to help you visit web pages, limiting its resource consumption so your system can suffer a minimal impact from your online activity.The application goes through a fairly straightforward installation process, after which you can launch it and begin using it right away, and its extremely accessible, even for complete novices.
License Free
File Size 38.52 MB
Version 3.7
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows Server 2008 Windows Windows Vista