SnapperMail Premier

SnapperMail shoehorns the email power of your desktop into your Palm Handheld! With this stunningly elegant and easy to use application, you can access your email on your Palm OS PDA/Smartphone without any compromise. With blueprints based on three intensive years of mobile email research and usability testing you'll find the award-winning SnapperMail delivers a user experience second to none. SnapperMail is what we call a "fat client" email app. It works exactly the same way as your desktop email program such as Outlook Express - it connects directly to your mail server and retrieves mail complete with attachments in its raw unadulterated form. It then presents the attachments to other apps to open. By contrast many of the mail services available, such as Visto MessageXpress and Inbox To Go, follow a "thin client" model. These services put an intermediary bunch of servers between your handheld and your mail server, stripping and simplifying the content. SnapperMail's unique approach gives our customers the advantage of not needing to pay ongoing service charges and their content is far richer with improved reliability at the sacrifice of bandwidth usage.
File Size8.29 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm