igivello NetSwitch makes the Internet easy to use -- on your Palm! This dedicated application gives you the ability to connect and disconnect from the Internet, as well as the ability to run Internet-savvy applications and Palm Query Applications (PQA's). Having everything in one spot is a great time-saver, and frequent Internet users can save even more time by mapping this application to a hardware button. In the upper-right corner you will see the status message, in this case the device not connected to the Internet. Pressing the Connect button will establish a connection through your modem or cellular phone. The "+" buttons allow you to add up to three Internet-savvy programs to the dock located on the left side of the screen. Tapping on either a program or PQA will run it. Menu items are provided to remove programs from the dock, as well as to view the Palm's built-in Network panel. Digivello NetSwitch makes a great companion to Palm's Mobile Internet Kit! This kit upgrades your Palm operating system to version 3.5, gives you the ability to run PQA's, and also installs convenient applications such as MultiMail (a full-featured e-mail client).
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