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Just what you need if you are a student or a teacher. Intuition is a notebook tool for your computer that gives you a simple and easy way to store your favorite e-mail's, web page information, and other documents of interest. Powerful gathering and search tools are included for you in this unique text based relational text gathering system. You can even use the Intuition Reader version to freely distribute cross-platform copies of pre-formatted study materials. Intuition helps you gather information through the use of originally placed connections or connections that you have created using meaningful expressions. Intuition is an extensible markup browser, combined with a markup language editor, and featured in notebook style for convenient storage and retrieval. You can create or present smart pages that can add value to storing important information found on the web, in your e-mail discussions, or in your presentations. Features include: Works like a multi-page browserCross-Platform file format. File mergePersonal notepad for each pageChangeable topical dictionaryLimited HTML text formattingFile sharing across Windows, Mac X, and Mac OSMuch more... Intuition ReaderThe stripped down version is provided as a tool for those that have created shareable MTML files with the upgraded version of Intuition. The ten page limit is lifted for those that wish to create presentations of longer length.Warning! Files saved in the demo mode of Intuition will not be readable in this stripped down version. If you have opened a shareable file in Intuition's demo mode and then saved any changes to it then that file will no longer be viewable by Intuition Reader.
Price USD49.95
License Purchase
File Size 1.62 MB
Version 1.0e
Operating System Windows Windows NT Windows XP Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows 95
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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